The World after Deathrite Shaman

He was the core of so many decks. Often called the mini Planeswalker. He was strong, no doubt, but what will the ban do to Legacy?
I never had the feeling that there would be an overpresence of Grixis Delver and/or Czech Pile and to be honest, there was nothing more fun to us to play Deathblade against Czech Pile.
But now, both decks are gone.
People told me I should leave me local meta and play some real tournaments everytime I said that I don't see many of these decks. Well, driving a whole day through Europe, several hundrets of miles to play an event with over 300 players is not enough? I don't need any advice from players online who wants to tell me how to do that or the meta is like this. I make my own experiences and my own conclusions.
So I was in Hamburg, Germany, in May this year. Played 2 times against Czech Pile, didn't saw any Grixis Delver around or at the top tables. There wasn't even a deck in the top 8 which relied on the Shaman; 3 Turbo Depths, 2 Red Prison, 1 Belcher, 1 Elves, 1 Miracles. Okay, Elves plays Deathrite Shaman for sure but the deck doesn't need it at all and will exsist after the ban with just minor changes.
But there were Grixis Delver and Pile decks around, in total numbers, out of 260: 24 Grixis Delver and 14 Czech Pile.
But what is the format now? Well, nothing, at the moment. The ban is two weeks old and everything has to settle down. Death and Taxes is on the rise.
While I'm writing this, many players are in Prague and play one of the biggest events in Europe.
I have to find my deck now, probably Miracles, after I can't play my trademark anymore; Esper Deathblade. I enjoyed my biggest moments with this deck; my victories and a little bit of fame. It was a nice feeling when people come up to me and asked:"aren't you the Blade player from Prague?". It put a smile on my face and a with a little uppish feeling I could answer:"yes". I earned a bit of respect of a few people and after the next 3 top 16 they were still up and wanted to know how I fight my way up.
I'm not angry about the ban, not really sad, but I don't see a reason. I won't stop playing at all. But I share a lot of memories with this card, with this deck...


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