[Deck Tech] Werewolf Lockdown

What is Werewolf LockdownWhat cards does the deck play?How does the deck play/work?The deck's place in the metaWhy would you play it over other Stompy decks?
What is Werewolf Lockdown?
Werewolf Lockdown is a stompy deck which forces the opponent out of the game with hatepieces like Chalice of the Void, Blood Moon and Trinisphere. Once your opponent isn't able to cast any spells or just a few ones of the whole deck, you drop a Werewolf which is a 5/5 creature when it is transformed.
The stompy strategy isn't new and featured in many decks: Eldrazi (Stompy), Mono red Prison/Dragon Stompy, Soldier/Thalia Stompy, Steel Stompy...
They have all a few things in common: They play expensive (strong) creatures, Planeswalkers and other win conditions, mostly starting with a cmc of 3.
I want to give credit to "Afro Dave" who showed (t)his deck online in "Inside the Deck". Link to the video here.

What cards does the deck play?
If you followed the link to the video yo…

The World after Deathrite Shaman

He was the core of so many decks. Often called the mini Planeswalker. He was strong, no doubt, but what will the ban do to Legacy?
I never had the feeling that there would be an overpresence of Grixis Delver and/or Czech Pile and to be honest, there was nothing more fun to us to play Deathblade against Czech Pile.
But now, both decks are gone.
People told me I should leave me local meta and play some real tournaments everytime I said that I don't see many of these decks. Well, driving a whole day through Europe, several hundrets of miles to play an event with over 300 players is not enough? I don't need any advice from players online who wants to tell me how to do that or the meta is like this. I make my own experiences and my own conclusions.
So I was in Hamburg, Germany, in May this year. Played 2 times against Czech Pile, didn't saw any Grixis Delver around or at the top tables. There wasn't even a deck in the top 8 which relied on the Shaman; 3 Turbo Depths, 2 …

Standstill - Ancestrall Recall in Legacy?

Ancestrall Recall is the better card obviously; 1 mana Instant, target player draws 3 cards. No doubt that it have to be banned in Legacy.
With Time Spiral Ancestrall Vision was printed. The attempt to create a balanced version of Ancestrall Recall and in my opinion a successfull one.
But what about Standstill? The only thing both have in common is the possibility to draw three cards but also the also the possibility that your opponent does.
Standstill is a little bit tricky. It's an enchantment for 2 mana and whenever a player casts a spell the opponents of that player draw 3 cards and Standstill is sacrificed.
You see, to get an Ancestral Recall out of it your opponent has to "break" the Standstill. But how do you achieve that? Playing Mindslaver? No. You force your opponent by pressure. Creating a clock without casting spells, to make your opponent lose the game if he or she doesn't intervene.

See this article as a guide how to abuse Standstill in a post-Deathrit…

Stoneforge Mystic and the choice of equipment - A situational choice

As a Legacy player you have many choices what cards you want to play.
As I mentioned in my Forum Recap #1 I play 3 equipments in my Esper Deathblade.
Sword of Fire and IceSword of Feast and Famineand Batterskull
Sword of Fire and Ice is often called the best of the cycle and it's great, no question, but the answer to the question 'which equipment do I search with my Stoneforge Mystic?' is always situational.
What cards do I have in my hand?What cards are on the battlefield?How many cards have I and my opponent in hands?What deck plays my opponent? After  asking yourself this question you can fetch the best one for this situation.

Batterskull: When do I search for Batterskull ?
It's not  that hard.
Do I have other creatures in my hand ? Are they good in hitting with equipment like Sword of Fire and Ice or Jitte?
Especially True-Name Nemesis is your attacker with equipment. A Stoneforge Mystic or a Deathrite Shaman can do this job too, of course, but they can be blocked …

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