Forum Recap #1

A little recap on my post on The Source.
I presented my newest decklist of my Esper Deathblade and some points and thoughts on some choices I made.

Deck: Esper DeathBlade 
4Flooded Strand1Batterskull4Deathrite Shaman1Containment Priest
1Island4Brainstorm2Snapcaster Mage1Council's Judgment
1Marsh Flats1Counterspell4Stoneforge Mystic2Disenchant
1Plains3Force of Will1Tasigur, the Golden Fang2Flusterstorm
4Polluted Delta2Jace, the Mind Sculptor3True-Name Nemesis1Gideon, Ally of Zendikar
1Scrubland1Liliana, the Last Hope1Notion Thief
1Swamp2Lingering Souls1Pithing Needle
1Tropical Island2Ponder1Supreme Verdict
2Tundra1Search for Azcanta2Surgical Extraction
2Underground Sea1Sword of Feast and Famine1Umezawa's Jitte
2Wasteland1Sword of Fire and Ice2Zealous Persecution
4Swords to Plowshares
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Added/removed cards:
-3 Baleful Strix
+1 Sword of Feast and Famine
+1 Tasigur, the Golden Fang
+1 Search for Azcanta/-1 Ponder
+1 Liliana, the Last Hope
+1 Counterspell / -1 Force of Will
-2 (SB) Meddling Mage
-1 (SB) Vendilion Clique
+1 (SB) Containment Priest
+1 (SB) Council's Judgment
+1 (SB) Supreme Verdict

+2 (Main) -2 (SB) Lingering Souls
-1 (Main) +1 (SB) Umezawa's Jitte
-1 (Main) +1 (SB) Notion Thief

Over the last 4 weeks I have an overall score off 16-6. The most obvious change is the cutting of Baleful Strix.
Baleful Strix is a great card, no doubt about it, but with more and more control decks coming up, the potential of Strix trading with another creature gets worse.

Strix is okay against Delver decks but I play in replacment 2 Lingering Souls and a Tasigur which are both okay against Delver. Spirit Tokens block nearly everything (except Goyf and Gurmag Angler) to death. Beside that, Lingering Souls creates preasure on the board and pushes the momentum to our favor, switching the main target for the opponent to handle the urgent danger.

Still on the same topic: Umezawa's Jitte moved to the Sideboard. Sword of Feast and famine took its place.
Jitte does nothing against control decks. 4c control, Miracles, Big Eldrazi, Lands, Grixis Control are the most played decks right now (here in Germany and local meta). sfof is just a great card. The discard is quite good and the chance to untap is sooo good against control. I feel quite good with the two swords. It gives me much flexibility and the chance to react differently on certain situations.

Supreme Verdict and Council's Judgment:
Judgment is a great catch-all removal. Removing Jace, True-Name and sometimes an Emrakul.
I felt something like Verdict was necessary. Against many True-Names and Leovolds the spot removal is quite week. Another Choice for this slot would be Toxic Deluge. It's cheaper but costs life and can be countered. Against many counter spells especially Daze Verdict is just great, being able to tap out and clean the board.

Search for Azcanta:
Quite underwhelming. When I have it online it's quite weak. Often times I just find creatures and Land or equipment which doesn't help.
I understand the strenght and the point of this card; and the filtering and advantage effect is great, no question. Keep testing it but I will replace it with Painful Truths or Nights Whisper.

Liliana, the Last Hope:
THIS! Such a great card. Liliana wins games or at least turn the tables. Every ability is just good. I prefer her over Jace *-*

Force of Will / Counterspell:
Force of Will is card disadvantage to save your ass against bad thing your opponent plays. With all the decks which want to trade 2 for 1 right now, a 1 for 2 spell is not good. Force of Will is a necessary card and it's strong but a single Counterspell instead of the 4th copy can make the difference.

Over all I like the list so far. I'm still not a fan of Search for Azcanta (in this particular deck [line up]).
I hope this list keeps being that good and I'm able to win more tournaments with it.

This is all my personal opinion and experience on the cards and the way I play the game.
That doesn't mean that this is the only way or the right one.
Players are all different and have different opinions. 


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